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WW1 Historian, Battlefield Tourist and Reenactor Randal Gaulke will be living in the Meuse-Argonne region of France from 15 May to 15 November, 2017. During those months he will be working as a tour guide and he will be happy to help your group plan a successful battlefield tour.

Since the early 1990s Randal Gaulke has been leading individual, small group and large group tours of the WW1 American and Verdun battlefields. Let him put his knowledge and skills to work for your group.

In addition to knowing the region and the battles, Randal has intimate knowledge of the lodging, restaurants, possible meeting spaces, etc. that can help your group tour succeed.

His largest endeavors in this area include: 1) Taking a key role in organizing the Western Front Association—United States Branch’s first battlefield tour in 1998; 2) Leading the second half of the Western Front Association—United States Branch’s 2007 battlefield tour; and 3) Organizing the WW1 Historical Association’s 2015 Annual Symposium in Lisle, IL. The latter event had almost 100 attendees.

Readers can view Randal’s full CV on the Features / Meet the Author page of this website.

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Contact Randal to discuss your group’s travel plans and needs: Randal S. Gaulke, 584 Valley Road, Gillette, NJ 07933. 908-451-0252.



I participated in the 2007 Western Front Association—U.S. Branch battlefield tour. This was conducted by a British battlefield tour company with Randy leading the parts of the tour that covered the American battles of St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne. Randy is knowledgeable, invariably well-organized and very effective and personable even when leading groups of know-it-alls like my friends and me. Our tour group that year had been the largest he had ever taken on these battlefields to date and yet his guiding was comparable to that of the well-established and well-known British guides who led the other half of the tour.

Steve Suddaby, Past President, World War One Historical Association



I traveled on a tour Randy organized for a group of us in 2005. On this journey we followed a WW1 German cavalry unit, the 8th Kuerassier. Randy took us from Koln, Germany, where they originated; to Helly Ravine, Verdun, where they fought in the battle for Fort Douaumont. Along the way we stayed in small local hotels, saw places significant to the Kuerassier, met with veterans who maintained a museum of the 8th Kuerasier, and saw such amazing places as the Romage 14-18 museum. (Look it up, it is a special place.)

Randy has a passion for WW1, and his extensive time in Europe has built him an extensive knowledge not only of the history of the area, but a connection with many local people. We were immersed in the history we explored. A trip with Randy is a well rounded experience that I doubt you will find anywhere else.

Eric “Merlin” Hanson, 8th Kuerassier Regiment (Reenacting Group)