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Travel Tips: Finding Lodging for the Upcoming Centennial Commemorations

20 March, 2018–In anticipation of the surge in travel to the region, the Webmaster has expanded and updated the list of hotels and B&Bs in the region.  These can be found under the heading “Research Tools–Links” of this website. B&Bs and Gites (French Rental Cottages) are very viable lodging alternatives.  Gites are especially useful for groups planning to stay more than just a few days.  Both of these alternatives can be found on the Gites de France Website. Finally, readers seeking other opinions on lodging Continue reading →

Then and Now: Apremont-en-Argonne

“The taking of Apremont was the greatest struggle the division had in its fighting career.  Much has been said and written during the war of “the blood-soaked fields of France” and “streams of blood.”  Officers who were at Apremont solemnly vouch for the fact that there was a time in that town when the water running in the gutters was bright red with blood. And not all of it was German blood.” Thus begins a chapter in “The Iron Division:  The National Guard of Pennsylvania Continue reading →

News & Events–Meuse-Argonne.com Facebook Group Hits 1,000 Members!

  March 14, 2018–Webmaster and tour guide Randy Gaulke is pleased to announce the Meuse-Argonne.com Facebook group signed up its 1,000th member today!  This is proof that there is still interest in the First World War in the United States (and internationally.) Randy re-started his Meuse-Argonne.com blog/website on June 2014, and he started the Meuse-Argonne.com Facebook group in May 2015 by inviting about 50 of his friends to join that group.  The Facebook group was established because it allowed a quicker and easier exchange of Continue reading →

Lost Battalion and I Corps Battlefield Tour, 4-7 Ocotober, 2018

    Tour guide Randal Gaulke is proud to announce that he is teaming up with long-time Lost Battalion researcher Robert Laplander to offer a tour of the Lost Battalion and I Corps areas of the Meuse-Argonne from 4-7 October, 2018. The tour will be similar in structure to the Small-Group Battlefield Walk Series being run by Randal Gaulke and Markus Klauer.  However, the entire four days will be concentrated on the Lost Battalion (one full day), other 77th Division sites and other I Corps Continue reading →

News & Events–Over There: Space Remaining for M-A Centennial Dinner and Meet and Greet

    It is early March, 2018, and the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensive Commemoration Events are just months away:  There is still seating available for the M-A Centennial Dinner and Meet and Greet that the Webmaster and Markus Klauer have organized for Friday, 21 September, 2018.  Readers are strongly encouraged to sign-up today. The primary reason readers should participate is networking:  The Meuse-Argonne.com Facebook Group now has almost 1,000 members.  Approximately 77% are Americans and 23% are international.  The Webmaster hopes that a similar Continue reading →

News & Events–Over There: Space Remaining on Small-Group Battlefield Walk Series

    It is early March, 2018, and the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensive Commemoration Events are just months away:  There are still some places remaining for the Small-Group Battlefield Walk Series that the Webmaster and Markus Klauer have organized in late September; but readers are strongly encouraged to sign up today. There are several reasons readers should join the tour series.  Here are the major ones: The real gem is envisioned to be the afternoon hike in the field.  For each day–i.e. each specific Continue reading →

La Vie en France #30: How to Have a Wonderful Trip in France–or Anywhere Else Overseas

    The Webmaster enjoys people watching at airports–especially watching Americans at CDG who are returning home from a trip to France.  Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories:  Those who adapted to a different culture and tried to fit in; and those who thought everything in Europe should be done as it is in the U.S.  The former group had a wonderful vacation.  The latter group had a horrible vacation; complaining about the lights going off in the hotel hallway, the small size of Continue reading →

La Vie en France #29: What Does not Work in France

    In 2017 the Webmaster had a tremendous experience:  He spent six months living in France and working as a freelance battlefield tour guide.  Travel abroad can produce both positive and negative experiences.  In spite of an overall wonderful experience there are cultural differences that drove him crazy from time to time.  In this “La Vie en France” he highlights some of the more negative memories of that six month period.  They are in no particular order.   12h00 – 14h00–Almost Everything Closes Just Continue reading →

Getting Back Into the Action

  Regular blog and Facebook Group readers have likely noticed a lack of posts since the Webmaster returned home from France in November 2017.  This has been due to several factors: Christmas and New Years activities with the wife and others after six months in France; Adjusting to life “away” from the trenches; Website re-design; Working on tour offerings with historians Markus Klauer and Robert Laplander; and Working on an upcoming DVD Release.  (More shortly.)   With 2018 progressing quickly, it’s time to have a Continue reading →

Where in the World is This?

    Most avid battlefield tourists are familiar with the “demarcation stones” erected in France and Belgium by the Touring Club de France and Touring Club de Belgique to mark the limit of the German advance in 1918.  According to Rose Coombs, MBE:  “They were designed by the sculptor Paul Moreau Vauthier who produced three basic types, differing mainly in the helmet of the capstone.  These were either of the British tin helmet or the French and Belgian ‘Poilu’s’ helmet design.  On the side of Continue reading →