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Newsletter Verdun-Meuse, November 2014

  The November 2014 issue of Newsletter Verdun-Meuse is now available.  Each issue features a calendar of relevant events (Agenda section), book reviews and several well-researched articles.  Much of this issue is focused on André Maginot.  (Note that the cover photo is from a previous issue of the newsletter.  The webmaster was unable to download this month’s picture.) Readers traveling to France soon should pay special attention to the calendar of events, as they list special events and expositions offered throughout the region in upcoming Continue reading →

Armistice Day Photos: NYC Vetarans’ Day Parade 2014

Pictured are WW1 reenactors who marched in New York City’s 2014 Veterans’ Day Parade.  The three people on the right of the back row are the Webmaster’s son, Graham, the Webmaster and his wife, Laurie.   The uniform worn by Graham was an original uniform that belonged to Frank Tatyrek, a native of Maplewood, NJ.  Based on the uniform details, Mr. Tatyrek served overseas in the 228th Aero squadron.  Pictured above are Al Tatyrek, the original owner’s son, and Graham Gaulke.  The uniform found its way to the Webmaster through a Continue reading →

We Forget Today: Argonne Farm, Bridgewater, NJ

We forget today just what an impact World War One had on the lives of its participants and their families.  In the early 1990s the webmaster drove past an aging barn with “Argonne Farm” painted on its side at the corner of Washington Valley Road and Argonne Farm Road in Bridgewater, NJ.  Twenty some years later, the webmaster finally pursued the WW1 connection and spoke with the original owner’s son.  Here is the story: Continue reading →

Armistice Day Photos: Frank W. Buckles’ Funeral, March 15, 2011

Frank W. Buckles, America’s last doughboy, passed away on February 27, 2011 at age 110.  He was buried with full military honors in Plot 34 at Arlington National Cemetery; near the grave of  John J. Pershing, General of the Armies of the United States.  The funeral date was March 15, 2011.  The webmaster was fortunate to be able to attend the funeral service.            

Armistice Day Poem: One by One, by C.E. Baker

One by one old soldiers die, One by one they are no more, And their comrades mourn their loss, As they leave this mortal shore.   Standing by an open grave, One more flag-draped coffin rests, Friends and comrades gather ’round, As they pay their last respects.   When the solemn rites are done, And the chaplain turns away, Mournful notes of bugle stir, Mem’ries of a bygone day.   One by one they drop from rank, Just as did the blue and gray, Soldier Continue reading →

Newsletter Verdun-Meuse, October 2014

The October, 2014 issue of Newsletter Verdun-Meuse is now available.  Each issue features a calendar of relevnt events, book review, and several well-researchared articles.  This month’s issue includes articles focusing on archeology in the war.   Although the newsletter is in French, English speakers can read a passable translation using Google’s translation tool.  

We Forget Today: Maryland War Memorial, Baltimore, Maryland

We forget today just what an impact World War One had on the lives of its participants and their families.  As in many cities and towns across the U.S., the Governor of Maryland and the Mayor of Baltimore appointed a joint building commission in 1919–only months after the war’s end–for a war memorial as “a tribute to those citizens of Maryland who gave their lives and services to their country in World War 1.” Continue reading →