News & Events–Stateside: National WW1 Memorial at Pershing Park Design Competition Update

The WW1 Centennial Commission’s design competition for a National WW1 Memorial at Pershing Park is nearing completion.  The five second-round finalists have given their presentations and the winner will be announced on January 25; a date which coincides with the WW1CC’s tenth Commission Meeting.


Congress authorized this new national-level World War 1 Memorial in D.C.  However, it will be done through an update of Pershing Park, a one-block urban park on Pennsylvania Avenue.  It will not be on or connected to the Mall, as the other war memorials are.


Also, Congress did not fund the memorial; so completion of the memorial, which is expected to be +/- $25 million will be entirely dependent on individual, corporate and sponsor donations; with the Pritzker Military Museum and Library offering to match individual donations.


Readers wanting to view the five finalist concepts can find them here:


Readers desiring more details on the overall concept and on making a donation can find them here:


Readers are encouraged to make a donation in honor of the veteran of their choice; or to just make a donation.