Why not Publish a Book of Griffin Group Photos?

More than a few individuals have asked the Webmaster why he hasn’t published a book on the Griffin Group photos.  Here are the reasons why:


  1. Editors would allow 200 – 300 photos MAXIMUM–or only about 10% – 15% of the 2,350+ photos in the archive.
  2. Different researchers have different needs:  One is interested in burials, one in trench construction, one in artillery, etc.
  3. As a rule of thumb, a good WW1 book sells about 1,000 copies.  Thus, it is generally a labor of love and it is not well compensated.
  4. Contrary to public opinion, publishing a book is not the only way to demonstrate your knowledge.  Readers can view the many Then and Now blogposts that resulted from the collection.


For these reasons, the Webmaster felt it wiser to make the full collection available to researchers at a reasonable price.  Most researchers do not have the liberty of spending seven days scanning the collection and countless hours preparing the collection for distribution.