The 459th (German) Infanterie-Regiment on the Hindenburg Line

Readers are advised that Webmaster Randy Gaulke authored Chapter 15 of “A Companion to the Meuse-Argonne Campaign” (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Malden, MA, 2014) which discusses the role of the 459th (German) Infantry Regment, 236th (German) Infantry Division during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

In a nutshell, the regiment/division arrived via train in Dun-sur-Meuse (actually Doulcon) on 28 September 1918 and moved to Waldlager Bantheville Nord. Later, it moved into ready position northwest of Cunel and relieved the 117th Infantry Division along the Cunel-Nantillois Road by 0600 on 30 September. It fought in that well-known and heavily-contested piece of Meuse-Argonne geography until 12 October, when it was pulled out of the line to serve as an Eingriffdivision (counter-attack division).

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