The Griffin Group Photos

2,300+ High-Quality Photos of the AEF Battlefields




In early 1919 a group of professional Signal Corps photographers under the leadership of Major T.J. Griffin of the Intelligence Section (G-2) of the AEF General Staff took more than 2,300 high-quality b/w photographs of the American battlefields on the Western Front.  For years, the “Griffin Group” photo archive remained tucked away in the National Archives; known only to a handful of researchers.  In 2017 battlefield historian and tour guide Randal Gaulke viewed this photo collection and was astonished by the level of detail and the range of topics covered.  Upon his return from the battlefields in France he vowed to make them more readily available.  Now, you can own a copy of the “Griffin Group” photographs…


Topics Covered:

  1. Battlefield Panoramas
  2. Trench and Dugout Construction and Defenses
  3. M.G., Artillery and Observation Posts
  4. Temporary Cemeteries and Individual Graves
  5. Aircraft and Balloon Hangers and Crash Sites
  6. Anti-tank Mines and Roadblocks
  7. Narrow-gauge Railroad Lines
  8. Engineer Depots


Ideal For:

  • AEF Historians, Authors and Publishers
  • Battlefield Visitors
  • Students of Trench and Dugout Construction


Product Details:

In addition to a brief description, most photographs in this collection contain:  1) map coordinates matching those used in the ABMC “Summary of Operations” maps; 2) an arrow indicating the photographer’s facing; and 3) the date of the photograph.

The coordinates and photographer’s facing make it easier to locate positions and line up “Then and Now” photos.  For purchasers’ convenience, scans of the ABMC Summary of Operations Maps (in the public domain) have been included at no extra charge.

This collection has been scanned using NARA originals at 600dpi with minimal refining; mimicking the original prints as they appear in the National Archives.  A subset of photos have been rotated a few degrees.


User Guide:

For more detail on the naming convention used for the files, please look at this user guide:  Griffin Group Photo Archive User Guide April 2018


Photo Count–by Region:

Argonne – Meuse          1,340

Alsace                                 271

Belgium / Cantigny          63

Champagne                       114

Chateau-Thierry              223

Saint Mihiel                      340

Total                            2,351



Price:     $30 / 25 Euros for Electronic Delivery

  • Add $10 / 15 Euros for Mail Delivery via USB Flash Drive

Payment:     Cash, Check, PayPal



Email the following information to Randal Gaulke at [email protected] or send a hard copy of the order form to Randal Gaulke, 584 Valley Road, Gillette, NJ  07933, USA:






Select Delivery Method:          Electronic vis Wetransfer                    Mail using a USB Stick

  • Remember to add $10 / 15 Euros for mail using a USB stick

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Sample Photos:

The ABMC Chateau-Thierry Memorial sits atop Hill 204.



A German camp in the St. Mihiel Salient



One of many photos showing observation posts



1st Division Cemetery near Cantigny



The remains of a German airfield in the Champagne



One of numerous photos showing German anti-tank efforts:  This one in the St. Mihiel Salient



Great example of German railyard just west of St. Juvin.



A German pioneer depot in the Meuse-Argonne


Collection contains more than 2,300 photos in total–all showing this level of detail!!!