Noteworthy Websites: Library of Congress Web Guide

The webmaster recently stumbled across the following web guide on the Library of Congress website:  A Guide to World War I Materials.  “This guide complies links to the World War I resources throughout the Library of Congress Web site.  In addition, this guide provides links to external Web sites focusing on World War I and a bibliography containing sections for both general and younger readers.”  Covered topics range from the John J. Pershing Papers to historic American newspapers, to geography and map finding aids.  Researchers and readers Continue reading →

Noteworthy Websites: Behind Their Lines

  Having selected Connie Ruzich as the July 2016 “Person of the Argonne,” it only seems appropriate to focus on her WW1 poetry blogsite:   During our communication she listed three American poems which she thought fit best with the Meuse-Argonne website.  These are linked and briefly described below:   Battling Homesickness:  The poem “Home is Where the Pie Is” was published in Stars and Stripes and was very popular with American troops.  In this blogpost, Connie includes a discussion of the role the Continue reading →

Noteworthy Websites: Two St. Mihiel Facebook Pages

From time to time the webmaster provides information to members concerning FB pages and groups that could be of interest to readers.  While most of the posts concern the Meuse-Argonne Sector, a few posts cover other sectors or topics.  Friend, Mike Grams, has provided the following two FB pages that cover the Saint Mihiel Salient:   The first is titled “The St. Mihiel Salient” and is run by Christophe Wilvers.  It can be found at:   The second is titled “Histoires du Saillent de Saint-Mihiel” and is run by Erma Continue reading →

Noteworthy Websites: FB Public Group Tops 100 Members in August

The Facebook Public Group,, topped the 100 member mark in August.  As of this date, the group has 111 members. Webmaster Randy Gaulke started the group in May 2015 by inviting several of his friends to be initial members.  The reasons behind the joint blog and FB group approach was three-fold:  First, information can be shared much quicker and easier on Facebook.  Second, it was hoped that reader comments and participation rates would increase.  Third, it was hoped that more people could be reached more quickly. The Continue reading →

Noteworthy Websites: Morthomme and Expedition Hartmannsweilerkopf 1914-18

The webmaster has recently become more aware of two German websites that cover portions of the battlefields near the Meuse-Argonne:   The first is Stefan Schewitzer’s  This blog / website covers the Argonne, Verdun and St. Mihiel Salient.  It contains then and now pictures, articles, maps, etc. for each of these areas.   The second is Detlef Bussat’s  This website covers Hartmannsweilerkopf in the Vosges Mountains and its role in 1914-18.   The Research Tools / Links page has been updated to include both Continue reading →

Noteworthy Websites: Facebook Pages and Groups

  For those readers interested, the author has established a public Facebook group called  The reality is that career, family and social commitments limit the amount of blog and website postings, and FB is a quicker way to get the word out.  Sharing information from another FB can also be done easily via the FB group while commuting.  Finally, readers seem more open to responding in a FB group than on a blog.  So, please consider joining the FB group.   Additional FB Pages and Groups of Interest Continue reading →