Reader’s Question: Randal Gaulke’s Experience as a Tour Leader

Intro:  Several weeks ago the webmaster announced that the was sanctioned to organize and lead the World War One historical Association’s June 2017 Eight-day Battlefield Pilgrimage.  A few days ago the webmaster received the email below.  For the benefit of all who might be considering participation on this tour, the webmaster is publishing the question and his reply:  Sorry for the self-promotion, but it is important that participants understand who the organizer and primary tour guide is.     Father and Son Exploring a German Continue reading →

Reader’s Question: Seeking Information About my Grandfather in Co. H, 306th Inf.

Reader Tim Gobin recently left a comment:  “Looking for Information about my grandfather, William J. Holbert, who was in Co. H. 306th Infantry and at the Meuse-Argonne offensive.  On his discharge papers it says he got, “victory medal with clasps” and we had thought he also was awarded a citation for “service above and beyond the call of duty.”  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Webmaster’s Reply:  Tim, I looked in the divisional history, “History of the 77th Division:  August 25, 1917 – November Continue reading →

Reader’s Question: “Translating” Burial Locations on GRS Forms into Google Map Speak

In mid April, reader “Jean” asked the following question: How can I “translate” the GRS Form 16 from 28 Mar 1919 “Isolated Grave, Exermont, Ardennes, 35 NE 301.5 E 280.9 N to Google map speak to find the location of Charles T. Hoppas’ first burial?  He was killed 26 Sept. 1918 and now lies in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery.  GRS Form #114B Shows “Verdun 35NE 280.9N 301.5E.”  This may be where he was buried in between where he was killed and his final placement. This Continue reading →