Then and Now: Nécropole nationale Glorieux (Glorieux National Cemetery), near Verdun







Caption:  Therry Schwartz, a member of the FB group submitted the “then photo” several days ago as a quiz; asking if members could identify the cemetery.  Note the distinct style and layout differences between the crosses in the foreground and the crosses in the background.

The then photo is a picture of the Temporary (French) cemetery at Glorieux; which ultimately became the Nécropole nationale Glorieux.  (See the “now photo.”)

The crosses in the background were from the dead of American Evacuation Hospital #15.  The American bodies were either repatriated back to the states or re-buried in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery at Romagne.; according to family wishes.


Location:  Glorieux is situated just West of Verdun and just South of Thierville-sur-Meuse.  The Nécropole is on the Allée des Hayevaux, just off of the D225.


Source of Then Photo:  Therry Schwartz, active contributor to the Facebook Group.


Source of Now Photo:  “Soilsister,” a European friend of Therry.


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