by the Numbers: Thanks for Reading!

This is just a quick note from the Webmaster to thank all of the regular readers–on the web and on Facebook!  It’s been almost two years since the website was re-started (June 2014) its current format.  On a last twelve month basis, the website has received more than 13,000 hits and the number of blog followers currently is 42.  In addition, the Facebook group grew from about 50 members in its first month (May 2015) to more than 177 members today.


And this growth has been accomplished with the Webmaster continuing to use the excuse 🙂 that work, family and life prevent him from doing more than five to eight posts a month and from adding significant research articles.  Stay tuned for more–especially during Sept. – Nov. 2016!



The Webmaster (Right) on a Recon Trip with German Friend, Markus Klauer (Left)