Then and Now: First Aid in Septsarges





Caption:  “If this wounded soldier can reach Septsarges, across the valley, he will find a first aid station.  To get there, he must crawl and scramble over the intervening space that is swept by a flanking machine gun fire.”


Location:  The un-numbered road that runs between Nantillois and Septsarges, closer to Septsarges.  The original photographer was standing a bit further in the field, and his picture did not capture the bend in the road.  There was also no farm and no tree there during the war.  However, the curve in the road and the village match up very well.


Source of Then Photo:  Forward March!  Section Two.  The Photographic Record of America in the World War and the Post War Social Upheaval.  The Disabled American Veterans of the World War, Department of Rehabilitation.  Chicago, 1934.  Page 330.


Source of Now Photo:  The webmaster