Then and Now: Aid Station in Cunel





Caption:  The then photo is captioned:  “Figure 82–Aid station, 358th Infantry, at Cunel, Meuse, October 27, 1918.”  The 358th was part of the 90th Division, which entered the line in mid-October and continued the push northward.

Note also in the then photo the sign “Ortskommandantur” above the door.  On period military translation dictionary translates it as Town Major’s Office.


Location:  6 Rue de la Fontaine, which is the D123, the main street running through town.  It is very easy to locate.


Source of Then Photo:  U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of Medical History.  “The Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War, Volume VIII, Field Operations.”


Source of Now Photo:  The Webmaster