Then and Now: Field Hospitals Between Cuisy and Septsarges





Caption:  Fig. 73–View from Cuisy across the valley toward Septsarges, showing Field Hospitals No. 19 and No. 21.


Location:  The photo is taken from the home / farm complex on the Northeast side of Cuisy.  The road in the foreground–which is the best way to match up the pictures–is the D19a (Route de Montfaucon).  Note that there appears to be no farmhouse (or farmhouse remains) on the right side of the road in the then photo.  The road running along the hilltop is the D19; which runs from Montfaucon to Gercourt-et-Drillancourt.


Source of Then Photo:  U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of Medical History.  “The Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War, Volume VIII, Field Operations.”  (Does any reader have a better quality copy of this picture?)


Source of Now Photo:  The webmaster.