Then and Now: Montfaucon under German Occupation

Authors/researchers and editors/publishers don’t always share the same objectives.  More often than not, photographs, maps, tables, etc. get edited out of books for reasons of length, readability, etc.  The webmaster felt this when reading William Travis Walker Jr.’s well-researched “Betray at Little Gibraltar:  A German Fortress, a Treacherous American General, and the Battle to End World War I.”  Mr. Walker’s description of the German positions in and around Montfaucon was largely verbal, with a limited number of photos and no war-time map.

As one would image, the webmaster was ecstatic when the author shared photos from his collection in the Facebook Group!!!  And the webmaster owes Mr. Walker an apology for his numerous requests and reminders:-)

The photographs of Montfaucon-en-Argonne shown below are from Mr. Walker’s collection.  Readers should buy his book; and they can also see more photos, maps and details at Mr. Walker’s website:

The webmaster has included a map section and legend from his collection.  Note that the legend and map had to be significantly re-sized and put into jpeg format to be under the 2mb size limitation for this website.


General Town Photos


Pre-war French Civilians in Town

Pre-war French Civilians



Germans in Ruins of Houses




Gallwitzstrasse. Note that Germans often changed the names of streets in occupied towns. In this case the street is named in honor of General Max von Gallwitz.



Soldiers by Street Signs



Soldiers and Auto in Street



Soldatenheim Montfaucon

Soldatenheim Montfaucon (German Soldiers’ Home)



Patrol Returning Home

Caption Reads: Patrol Returning Home



Crown Prince of Prussia in Cierges

Crown Prince of Prussia in Cierges



Montfaucon NCOs House

Caption Reads NCO’s Home. Note the wagon load of beer.



Germans in Front of Observation Tower



Germans in Front of Hut



View of Lager Huts

German Barracks at Montfaucon


Section of Verdun A at 40 percent




Ruins of House




View of Cemetery



Defensive Positions

German Machine Gun Nest

German Machinegun Nest



Clock of Church now Pillbox

Clock dial of the church. Now an MG position.






Crowin Princes Observatory

Crown Prince Observation House



Church Photos

Church Exterior



Church Partially Destroyed 2

German Propaganda Postcard: Caption States Church in Montfaucon Destroyed by French Artillery Fire.



Church Interior Pre War

Pre-war View of the Church Interior



Church Interior



Church Interior 2


Germans at the Church Alter

Propaganda Card Showing Germans Worshipping at the Altar


Map of Montfaucon

Section of Verdun A