Research Tips: The World War One Historical Association



As the Centennial commemoration of U.S. involvement in the war approaches, interest in the First World War is likely to increase.  However, without giving the newly interested some tangible steps to “feed” their hunger for knowledge and networking, interest in the topic could quickly fade.  Luckily, there are organizations in the U.S. and world-wide that can help people learn more about the First World War.  This blogpost will focus on the World War One Historical Association.  (  A (near) future blogpost will focus on the Western Front Association and its East Coast Branch (USA).


The WW1HA “strives to build an awareness of the First World War and its profound and lasting effects through our print and digital publications, our regional chapters’ programs, battlefield tours, the annual Tomlinson Prize for the best new book on the period, and annual events that feature speakers from around the world.”


It was formed in 2011 through the merger of the Western Front Association–U.S. Branch and The Great War Society.  Both organizations had been active since the 1990s.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization “committed to promoting interest in the period of 1914-1918 and perpetuating the memory of all those who served their nations.”


In the days before the world wide web, organizations like this were essential institutions for information exchange and for networking.  In fact, the webmaster had been an early and active member of one of the predecessor organizations.  Today, they can still be useful in that regard.  Through its blog ( and its Facebook page ( the WW1HA is moving into the digital age.  However, the quarterly magazine, World War One Illustrated, and its annual seminars still provide important means of information exchange and networking.


Readers are encourage to join the WW1HA by going to this webpage: