La Vie en France: Post #2. Time is not on my Side!



15 March, 2017 was the Webmaster’s last day at work.  Eight weeks seemed to be more than enough time to get everything done before moving to France for six months on 15 May.  Well, four weeks have passed, and the Webmaster still has an unbelievable do list to accomplish over the next month!!!


To be sure, he did accomplish some major home projects–including renovating an office and the guest bedroom.  He also has spent quality time with the family; and he was able to participate in a commemoration ceremony in NYC on April 6.


But…  He still plans to spend 5 to 10 days at the National Archives doing research; and he is not nearly as well read as he would like to be at this point in time.


Will our “heroic” Webmaster finish his do-list before moving to France as a freelance battlefield tour guide?  Probably not.  Maybe it is time to start worrying a bit.