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Jean-Paul de Vries’ Romagne 14-18 Museum one of the best known museums / attractions in the Meuse-Argonne, and it is visited by thousands each year.  (The Webmaster first visited the museum in 2004, right before it moved to its current location.)  However, as with most museums it takes a tremendous amount of work and funds to operate.  In order to ensure adequate financial support for the museum, the foundation “Friends of Romagne” has been established.  Below is a letter from the foundation’s Chairman encouraging visitors to join the foundation.



The Great War a century ago

The heritage of your great-grandfathers in the Argonne 1918


Dear addressee,

Museum Romagne 14-18, the private museum of Dutchman Jean-Paul de Vries, cherishes, as you may know, the memory of many famous American soldiers of the First World War. George Patton, John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing, Alvin Cullum York, Major Charles White Whittlesey, Harry S. Truman and Douglas Mac Arthur. Colourful names, American ‘landmarks’ in European history. Six names, six men: each of them famous in their own right, each in their own way present in World War I, some of them even decisive in the outcome of World War II. They are honored by history.

But not only the memory of these famous men are cherished dearly. More than one million American soldiers came to Europe. Their contribution proved to be decisive to end the devastating war. 14,246 American soldiers, who were killed in action during WW I, have found eternal peace at the Romagne-sous-Montfaucon cemetery in the North-West of France, only a few steps away from the Romagne Museum. Every day at 5 pm the Last Post is sounded in their honor. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

The museum Romagne 14-18 is gearing up for the forthcoming years, 2017 and 2018, to host all its visitors – especially the thousands of Americans who will come to Europe to follow the trail of their ancestors and pay tribute to them. As you may know most museums are going through tough financial times. So does Jean-Pauls’ private museum. There is a lot of work to do in the forthcoming months and years, when your American fellowmen will visit Europe in search of the past of their great grandfathers and great uncles.

This museum of imagination has to be prepared for their visit. The collection will be specially adapted as well as the exhibition rooms. Our foundation “Friends of Romagne” helps Jean-Paul to accumulate the necessary funds. We organize lectures, guided tours and meet and greet meetings. It helps, but we need more to achieve to our goals and support the important message of Jean-Paul’s museum: ‘Make people aware of the senseless brutality of war.’

In other words: we need your support. Without your aid a unique museum, that cherishes the memory of your brave forefathers, may not survive in the nearby future. We cannot let that happen. Please visit us at our website and make your donation.

If you wish we will gladly present you with more information via [email protected].

Thank you very much for your support.


Bob Latten,

chairman Foundation Friends of  Museum Romagne 14-18


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Romagne German Lager Look

Faux German Lager Scene at the Museum