La Vie en France #8: It Takes a Team Part 2–Language Lessons

Parlez vous Francais



The Webmaster has just returned from tracking down a difficult “Then and Now” photo with extreme gratitude for his language tutor, Alexis P. Miller!  After fifteen months of language lessons, 2x per week more or less, the Webmaster can at least express himself and explain what he is doing:  Even if he doesn’t understand everything that others say.


On today’s search the Webmaster thought it best to ask a farm family before driving off into their field in search of the site of an airplane crash landing.  He spoke with the mother (?) and son, Laurent.  (Family name?)  After several minutes of comparing a 1919 photo, a 1918 map and Google Earth, it was determined that the crash site was most likely on the neighbor’s property.  So it was best that he talk to the neighbor.  Mr. Cognard.


The whole process began again with Mr. Cognard, his wife, and a friend who was helping him.  After a few minutes Mr. Cognard drove him down the farm lane and into the field where it was thought the plane had landed.  He was extremely patient in showing the Webmaster the field.  Afterwards, the couple invited the Webmaster into their home and offered him a beverage.  He was able to tell them more about his efforts; and they gave him the name, address and phone number of President of the local Souvenir Francais in Vouziers.


Both sides probably understood about 25% – 30% of what the other said; but both sides understood the main points.


The Webmaster started learning French at age 52; and he would come home exhausted after each one-hour session in which Alexis posed question after question.  But it paid off today and in countless other encounters!  So here’s a big thank you to a wonderful tutor, Alexis P. Miller!!  Another valuable member of the team.