La Vie en France #12: Through the Years, Im Laufe der Jahre, A traverse les annees

The Webmaster has met many new friends through his website and Facebook group over the last few years.  Yet many people do not know that he has been coming to the Meuse-Argonne regularly since 1994.  In fact, he held his 50th birthday party at the Hôtel du Commerce in Aubrèville in 2013, where he has been a regular guest since 1997.  Here is a partial selection of photographs from his June 2013 birthday slide show.


1994  Deutsches Erinnerungskommittee Argonnerwald–Irma Tunnel

Bday 1994 Irma 1

Markus Klauer, left. Adi Buchner, 2nd from right.


Bday 1994 Irma 2

Adi Buchner, Norbert Hackenberg, Tim Tawney, Alan Gage.


Bday 1994 Irma 5

Adi Buchner.


Bday 1994 Irma 6

Thomas Nowak.


1997  DEA–Freiwald Tunnel

Bday 1997 Digging 2

Adi Buchner re-digging to gain access to the tunnel.


Bday 1997 Digging 1

The Webmaster digging with Wim Degrande (?) behind him.


Bday 1997 Ann Perrin

Ann Perrin capturing the work on film.


1998  First WFA USA Branch Tour

Bday 1998 Stephen Matthews

Steve Matthews, who was a driving force behind the first WFA USA Branch Tour.


Bday 1998 Tony Noyes

Tony Noyes of Flanders Tours.


Bday 1998 Tony Noyes and the Gang

Tony in another teaching moment.


Bday 1998 Tony, Teddy, Tim Tawney and Others

Facing the camera: Teddy and Tony Noyes of Flanders Tours, Tim Tawney, Alain Jeannesson of Les Amis de Vauquois and Adi Buchner of the DEA.


Bday 1998 WFA 4

The Webmaster and Duncan Aran of Pershing’s Doughboys.


Bday 1998 WFA 5 Jean and Alfred

Duncan Aran with participants Jean Barnes-Butts and Alfred Butts.


1999  (Son) Graham’s First Tour

Bday 1999 dad and graham on somme

About nine months old at Lochnagar Crater.


Bday 1999 Luxembourg

4/5 of the Holstein Family with Laurie and Graham.


2003  DEA–Vauquois Hill

Bday 2003 102-0284_IMG

Dieter Glitzenhirn and Adi Buchner.


Bday 2003 103-0378_IMG

Markus Paulick, the Webmaster, Oliver Scheer, Micheal Prisille and ?


2004  Research Trip with Alan Gage

Bday 2004 Morolager Work Day

At the Morolager with the Comite Franco-Allemande. Alan Gage is 2nd from left.


2005  8th Kuerassier Regiment Battlefield Tour

Bday 2005 IMG_0520

Members of the 8th Kuerassier (Reenacting) Regiment.


Bday 2005 IMG_0468

Jean-Paul de Vries in 2005, the first year at his new location.


2007  5th WFA USA Branch Tour

Bday 2007 IMG_2272

Markus Klauer and Webmaster.


Bday 2007 WFA Tour 2

Teddy Noyes and Les ?


Bday 2007 WFA Tour

Jean-Paul de Vries speaking with Bruce Barton.


2008  DEA–Walfisch Tunnel

Bday 2008 DEA Graham

Graham Gaulke at age 8. His first “real” battlefield tour.


Bday 2008 Walfisch 6

Wim Degrande.


Bday 2008 Walfisch 2

Webmaster and Oliver Scheer. It pays to be short when tunneling.


Bday 2008 Walfisch 5

Udo Mertins and Wim Degrande.



2010  DEA–Schacht 26 & 27

Bday 2010 DEA Michael

Michael Prisille.


Bday 2010 DEA, Stolleneingang

Rene Risser and Grandchildren.


Bday 2010 Dinner at Adis house

Relaxing with DEA members at Adi’s house in Vauquois.


2011  Gaulke / Paulick Tour

Bday 2011 Verdun Memorial

Markus and Patrick Paulick with Webmaster and Graham.