La Vie en France #13: Taking Stock of the First two Months–Part 1

The Webmaster finds it hard to believe that he has been in France for 60 days already.  That’s effectively one-third of his “sabbatical” over here.  Time to take stock of his experience to date:

Battlefield Tours

Randal has led five battlefield tours for a total of 24 days; or 40% of the days he has lived in France.  Overall, he has enjoyed bringing Americans closer to the battlefields of WW1.  Here are a few excerpts from participants:


“I would not be here if it weren’t for you, your website, your guidance, your research–everything on my journey goes back to that initial contact last year and has grown from there…  Thank you for your attentiveness to detail and providing an outstanding set of days there!”  Valerie Young, New York, retracing her grandfather’s experience in the 79th Division.  ( id=2074.)


“What an incredible five days looking out across the field where my grandfather, Bernardo Bazan Elisondo met the enemy, was wounded and became a POW was a very emotional experience…  I appreciate all the work and research that you put into making this personal journey so fulfilling…”  Mary Ann Flores, Texas, retracing her grandfather’s experience in the 32nd Division, AEF and as a POW in Bavaria.

“Can’t say more than I want to come back soon!  My visits in the past have been the bus tour type except for two.  You helped me to see just how much there is to take in in the American Sector.  You have taken me to another level and introduced me to resources that are incredible…”  Andrew Pouncey, Tennessee, researching for his website:




Webmaster and Tour Guide Randy Gaulke Speaking with Local Resident in Chatel Chehery


There are still a few time slots available in October, for anyone considering a pilgrimage.  Contact the webmaster for more details.