News & Events–Over There: Two Competitions to Encourage Today’s Youth. Get Your Children and Grandchildren Involved!

Finding ways to engage today’s youth in the Great War has been a major topic of historical organizations such as The Western Front Association and The World War One Historical Association.  The two competitions outlined below might just be one way to inspire one’s children or grandchildren to show a bit more interest in the topic:


Competition #1:  Poetry and Art

At the Centennial Commemoration of Third Ypres in Zonnebeke the Webmaster met Lady Lucy French, great granddaughter of Sir John French, who is Founder and CEO of Never Such Innocence.  This UK Charity “is dedicated to educating young people about the First World War, its impact and legacy, through poetry and art, throughout the Centenary period.”

To do this, the organization is inviting all 9 – 16 year olds to submit poetry or art inspired by the events of the Great War.  This is open to children of all nationalities.  Submission deadline for all categories is 16 March, 2018.  Lady French indicated that, as of this time, they have only one entry from the U.S.A.  The Webmaster did not ask how many non-U.K. entries had been submitted.

For those teachers reading this, one can also request a resource pack for schools.

Please see the flier below and check out the association’s website for additional details.


Poetry and Art Front


Poetry and Art Back



Competition #2:  Song

Never Such Innocence has signed up with Dave Stewart Entertainment for a 2017 – 18 Songs Competition.  According to the flier below, “the winning twelve songwriters will have their creations recorded in a studio and released on an album to mark the end of the Centenary.”

Again, the Webmaster believes this is open to children of all nationalities and the submission deadline in 16 March, 2018.  Additional details can be found on the flier below and on the website:


Songs Back


Songs Front


The Webmaster would be happy to post other competitions or events aimed at engaging young folks to learn more about the Great War.