We Forget Today: The Story of Cpl. Goerge Gaudette, KIA 10 November, 1918

Cpl. George Gaudette, Co. E, 102nd Inf. Regt.


We forget today just what an impact World War I had on the lives of its participants and their families.  Long-time Yankee Division reenactor and researcher Alan Michael Crane recently forwarded this group of photos centered around Corporal Goerge Gaudette, Co. E, 102nd Inf. Regt., 26th Division, who was KIA on 10 November 1918.  He was awarded the DSC posthumously.  The photos also show his mother receiving the DSC from YD General Clarence Edwards as well as his mother making a Gold Star Pilgrimage to her son’s grave in Romagne sometime in the 1920s.  Corporal Gaudette’s grave is located in Plot A, Row 10, Grave 33 in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in Romagne-sous-Montfaucon.


By luck, these photos were saved from the rubbish bin in the 1980s by a cousin of the current owner after the current owner’s aunt died.  How many times has fate intervened to save family history?  How many times has family history been lost in our throw-away society?  As the next (WW2) generation dwindles all readers need to be watchful that their family history does not end up in the rubbish bin.


Article on Gold Star Mothers Pilgrimage


Cpl. Gaudette’s Mother Receiving the DSC from General Clarence Edwards


Close-up of George’s Mother. Note that one can see the reflection of the crosses in her glasses.


Mother Visiting George’s Grave.


Cpl. Gaudette’s Grave. Plot A, Row 10, Grave 33. (Photograph by Sjoerd van der Ven.