Business Opportunity: Two Wheel Moorings B&B, Dun-sur-Meuse


For 14 years U.K. couple Carol and Ian Moore have run Two Wheel Moorings, a B&B in Dun-sur-Meuse that caters to motorcyclists touring the region; but they also have an interest in the First World War in the region and they have hosted many battlefield tourists over that time too!  Now, they have decided that it is time to sell the property and let someone else continue the business.  According to their website:  “What started as a ‘retirement hobby’ quickly developed into a full on venture…  The lucky purchaser would be buying the B&B lock, stock and barrel.  Everything needed to run the B&B on a daily basis will be included.  This will include the website, domain names and telephone numbers–as these are all part of our presence on the net.”

The property has five ensuite guest rooms and two further bedrooms with a shared family bathroom.  The garage can accommodate eight bikes on two different levels, using a hydraulic lift system.  Comfort is the word, as the interior has a lounge with a Lorraine stone fire place with a log burner and the terrace situated behind the house overlooks the Meuse River, providing a great setting for wine at the end of the day.

Motorcycle touring is extremely popular in the region!  The Webmaster first met Carol and Ian Moore in 2017, when he was living as a freelance battlefield tour guide and renting a gite in Doulcon, just across the Meuse-River.  He can certainly vouch for the level of business the couple had attracted; as bikers were often departing or arriving when he was driving past.  He also saw lots of bikers at the usual memorials and cemeteries in the region and a few groups of bikers even stayed at the neighboring gite in Doulcon!

For the right person / couple / family this could be a great opportunity!  Readers can find more information on their website.



P.S.  Carol and Ian want readers to know that: “We can assure all potential guests, whether already booked in or not, that we are, and will remain, just as enthusiastic and fully committed to the business until the moment we hand the keys over!”

P.P.S.  The Webmaster had not jumped at this opportunity because:  1) he has absolutely no mechanical aptitude and 2) his wife is reluctant to move abroad to run a B&B:-)