Travel Tips: Finding a Quick, Good Lunch



For battlefield visitors, it can be difficult to find quick and tasty lunch options without spending more than an hour in a restaurant.

One option is to stock up on bread, meat, cheese, etc. at a Supermarket BEFORE the 12h00 – 14h00 lunch shutdown.  In the Meuse-Argonne region, there is a Coccinelle brand store in Doulcon (by Dun-sur-Meuse) and there are Carrefour Express brand stores in Grandpre and in Varennes-en-Argonne.  The Webmaster is less familiar with other regions of France.

A second and more tasty option is to get a lunch combo (like the ones shown above and below) at the local boulangerie / patisserie in the morning.  Not every bakery offers a lunch combo; but for the ones that do it’s hard to beat a sandwich (on great bread), pastry and beverage for somewhere around 7 – 10 Euros.  The bakers that do offer this lunch combo will generally display a sign or write it on their specials board.  The Webmaster discovered this alternative only last year; and it was quite popular with him and many of his clients.  In the Meuse-Argonne region in 2017 these lunch menus were available at Le Boulanger de Bras in Bras-sur-Meuse (just a bit north of Verdun) and at Bouilleaux Pascal in Varennes-en-Argonne.  The Webmaster is less familiar with other regions of France; although he did find them in the Aisne-Marne region too.

A third option is to have lunch at Jean-Paul de Vries’ Romagne ’14-’18 Museum.  One can save time by visiting the museum and getting lunch at the same place.


What travel concerns do readers have?  The Webmaster is always on the lookout for new topics for his blog / website.