Armistice Day Photos: NYC Vetarans’ Day Parade 2014


Pictured are WW1 reenactors who marched in New York City’s 2014 Veterans’ Day Parade.  The three people on the right of the back row are the Webmaster’s son, Graham, the Webmaster and his wife, Laurie.



The uniform worn by Graham was an original uniform that belonged to Frank Tatyrek, a native of Maplewood, NJ.  Based on the uniform details, Mr. Tatyrek served overseas in the 228th Aero squadron.  Pictured above are Al Tatyrek, the original owner’s son, and Graham Gaulke.  The uniform found its way to the Webmaster through a mutual friend when the son had to move into a nursing home.  After the parade, the family stopped by to visit Al for the second year in a row.  It made his day to see Graham wearing the uniform.

Any details on the 228th Aero Squadron would be appreciated.