New Feature Article Added: The Lonesome Death of Marvin Stainton

Blog readers are encourgaed to check out a new Feature Article on the website:  “The Lonesome Death of Marvin Stainton.”  The article is an excerpt from James Carl Nelson’s book, The Remains of Company D:  A Story of the Great War.

Mr. Nelson’s book is essentially an effort to learn more about the war-time experiences of his Grandfather, John Nelson; but he skillfully brings to life the other members of Co. D, 28th Inf. Regt., 1st Division, AEF as well.  What caught the webmaster’s attention about the Marvin Stainton story was the family’s efforts to find the closure after the war:  His brother, Sam, returned to Hill 263 in the Meuse-Argonne in 1919 to search for Marvin’s grave; and he was heart-broken when he was unable to find this closure.  “I did every thing that was in my power to do Mamma and I don’t know what I would go thru to know his body is not lost to us forever” he would write in a letter to his mother.  (p. 297.)

Few authors have researched participants of the Great War so well and have written so eloquently about their experiences as Mr. Nelson. The webmaster wishes that the lives of each individual soldier on both sides of this terrible conflict could be so well documented.

Many thanks to Jim for sharing this story with the readers, who might wish to buy the book after this brief intro!