Noteworthy Websites: Facebook Pages and Groups


For those readers interested, the author has established a public Facebook group called  The reality is that career, family and social commitments limit the amount of blog and website postings, and FB is a quicker way to get the word out.  Sharing information from another FB can also be done easily via the FB group while commuting.  Finally, readers seem more open to responding in a FB group than on a blog.  So, please consider joining the FB group.


Additional FB Pages and Groups of Interest

Readers might also consider liking these pages / joining these groups:

American Battle Monuments Commission

World War One Centennial Commission

Connaissance de la Meuse  (Literally Knowledge of the Meuse)

Gendarmerie de la Meuse  (The local police force for crime / event updates)

Butte de Vauquois

L’Argonne a l’heure 19:15

Finding the Lost Battalion

U.S. Army in Lorraine  (Mostly WW2, but occasional WW1 information)


A French Geography Lesson

The battlefield known as the Meuse-Argonne technically covers three (or more) Departments.  These include:  Marne (51), Meuse (55) and Ardennes (8).  There are 96 Departments in France and 5 overseas Departments, and they are numbered alphabetically.

So, perhaps the webmaster and readers should consider FB pages covering all three Departments.