Noteworthy Websites: FB Public Group Tops 100 Members in August

The Facebook Public Group,, topped the 100 member mark in August.  As of this date, the group has 111 members.

Webmaster Randy Gaulke started the group in May 2015 by inviting several of his friends to be initial members.  The reasons behind the joint blog and FB group approach was three-fold:  First, information can be shared much quicker and easier on Facebook.  Second, it was hoped that reader comments and participation rates would increase.  Third, it was hoped that more people could be reached more quickly.

The rapid growth (for a very narrow topic) has proved successful in all three areas.  In fact, Randy is most pleased with the number of Americans AND Europeans who are joining the group.  He has also become much more aware of international websites and FB pages / groups with an interest in the battle or region.

So please, join the FB group.  (But please remain subscribed to the blog too!)

The Webmaster