La Vie en France: Post #4. Eight Weeks Holiday Before France.

Friday, May 12, 2017 excerpt from my diary…

  • So, two days prior to departure, how did I do regarding using my eight weeks to prepare for the trip?  Answer, pretty poorly in most categories; but strongest in the category that counts the most—spending quality time with my wife (who will be alone for several months.)

o   Walking / hiking to get in shape2/3 (out of 10.)  Didn’t do often enough and didn’t really exert myself; largely because most walks were with Laurie.

o   Reading up on the Meuse-Argonne and other Battles3.  Still have lots to do when I get over.

o   Getting 8 – 10 days of research at the National Archives3 or 4.  Only did 4 days.  That said, I had some good experiences—especially learning about the Griffin Photos.

o   Learning more about the German side:  3 or 4.  Ordered regimental histories from Patrick Schallert, but have not spent time with them.

o   Relaxing / De-stressing in-between latest employment and “sabbatical” in France8.

o   Spending quality and quantity time with Laurie:  8 or 9.  No big expensive trips; but made sure we spent some good time together.

  • I think she’d agree with these numbers.  (But why ask?)