La Vie en France #5: It Takes a Team–including a Loving Spouse–to Pursue One’s Passion

Laurie Card May 2017


Leaving one’s job to spend six months pursuing one’s passion on the battlefields of France can be quite daunting.  One advantage the Webmaster has is the many friends and supporters “on both sides of the pond.”  There are too many to mention in this post; but the Webmaster appreciates them all.


Most important is his wife’s love and support:  Even though she chose not to relocate to France with him.  Before he left, she gave him a card “to be read on plane ♥.”  In it she outlined her love for him and the family, and her support for him to pursue his passion after years of working to provide for the family.  She also closed with this discerning quote from Mark Twain:


“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born

and the day you find out why.”


For those wanting to pursue their passions:  Never forget the value of a supportive and loving team.