La Vie en France #6: An Evening Walk in Doulcon

Situated in the Department of the Meuse and the Region of Lorraine, Doulcon has  a population of around 430 inhabitants.  As travelers to the region know, this is not a wealthy port city along the coast.  Rather, Doulcon is situated in the heart of farming country; and its houses and streets reflect the increasing difficulties of farming–even in the heart of France with all its farm subsidies.  Luckily, the region also attracts thousands of tourists a year:  Tourists, such as the Dutch, who love the natural beauty and wide-open spaces along the Meuse River; and battlefield tourists, such as the Webmaster, who are drawn to study the conflict.

The evening sun gives a beauty and dignity to even the simplest of towns in rural France.  For those following the Webmaster during his six month stay in France, here is a stroll along the main street of Doulcon; where he is staying at the Gite de la Liberté.


Doulcon Farming Still has its Presence

The sign above the garage door reads “HALBIN Pol, Machines Agricoles.”



Doulcon Mix of Beautiful and Plain

A mix of the beautiful and the plain in these agricultural towns.



Doulcon The New Village Hall

The new Village Hall (Mairie.)  Given the rural nature and population, is it any wonder that the town voted 123 / 109 in favor of Le Pen in the May 2017 election.



Doulcon Three Memorials

Three memorials adjacent to the Mairie:  The Doulcon war memorial, the traditional crucifix and the 5th Division Monument.  The 5th Division liberated the town on 3 November, 1918.



Doulcon In the Heart of the Meuse-Argonne

Offering recreation as well as history to its visitors.



Doulcon Flea Market Season is Upon Us

With improving weather comes flea markets.  Each local town seems to have its own date.  These markets can be a great source of “rusty bits” and uniforms from the First World War.



Doulcon Dun Church in Distance Restaurant in Foreground

In the foreground, local restaurant Auberge du Lac.  In the background, the Church in Dun-sur-Meuse.  This church was the topic of a then and now photo in August 2016.



Doulcon Restaurant La Sicilia

Another restaurant, La Sicilia.



Doulcon Maison de l'histoire

Just behind La Sicilia is the Maison de l’Histoire, a museum run by Le Souvenir Français and which tells the story of Americans in the Great War.



Doulcon The Dilapidated Billiard Hall

The old Billiard Hall.  Next door, the Credit Agricole bank and financial services.



Doulcon Cultural Center and Tourist Office

The Cultural Center and Office of Tourism for the Val Dunois–or Dun Valley.  The building is named in honor of world-renowned sculptor, Jean-Robert Ipostéguy, who was born in Dun-Sur-Meuse in 1920.  The map shows the cities in which his sculptures are located around the world.



Doulcon Lac Vert Camping and Beach

Lac Vert:  Popular camping and beach area.



Doulcon The River Meuse

The Meuse River, which separates Dun and Doulcon.