News and Events–Over There: Update on Local Centennial Events in France

As anticipated, numerous individuals, associations and communities in France are planning special events and exhibits for the 2018 Centennial.  The list below provides an update.  Travelers should consider working these events into their 2018 travel plans.

The events below have been added to the 2018 Centennial Events page on the website.


Harry Rupert’s Photo Exposition of Americans in Chatel-Chehery and the Argonne:



Sjoerd van der Ven’s 89th Division Tours and Living History Event in Early November:



An On-going Exhibit at Maarten and Didi Otte’s Nantillois 14-18 Museum:



An On-going Exhibit on the Liberation of Varennes at the Musee de l’Argonne in Varennes-en-Argonne:



A Commemoration of the Liberation of Romagne on 13 October:


As always, please keep the Webmaster informed of commemoration events that you know of in the Meuse-Argonne!