News & Events–Stateside: Where to Find Upcoming Centennial Events

Members of the East Coast Doughboys in New York City’s 2015 Veterans’ Day Parade



While the Webmaster’s focus is on being “Over There” for the upcoming Centennial of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, many Americans will not have that luxury.  That doesn’t mean that there are not / will not be great events in the U.S. to attend over the next few months.

Readers looking for events are encouraged to look at the United States’ World War One Centennial Commission’s website.  Under the “Commemorate” tab there is a WW1 Centennial Events page.  In case that page does not capture all events, readers should also look under the “Participate” tab at the individual state websites.

Readers are strongly encouraged to attend local / regional events; as it is unlikely that there will be such a plethora of WW1-related events after the Centennial passes.