Thinking of Touring Europe this Year? Join Either our Reconstruction / Occupation Tour or the Battle of the Bulge Tour

Hiking near the Lost Battalion site during the September 2018 Small Group Tour. Photo courtesy of Dave Gaddis.


Space is still available for the two tours that historians Randy Gaulke and Markus Klauer are offering:  In mid-September there is the 1918-19 Reconstruction / Occupation of Germany Tour and in early October there is the Ardennes 75th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge Tour.


The Reconstruction / Occupation tour is designed to focus less on the fighting in the Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel regions and more on the post-war reconstruction.  It will also focus on the American Third Army’s occupation of Germany; which will include the historical cities of Trier and Koblenz and the beautiful Mosel River Valley.


The Battle of the Bulge Tour will focus on Hitler’s desperate last counterattack on the Western Front in and around Bastogne, Belgium, launched in mid-December, 1944.


Both tours will be “research heavy,” using photos, maps, personal accounts, etc. to show the specific period being studied.  For example, topics covered in the Reconstruction / Occupation tour will include the “Zone Rouge” and French forestation, provisional housing, the rebuilding of towns, etc.


Both tours are small-group tours; limited to eighteen participants and two guides to allow maximum interaction among participants.


Also, both tours will emphasize getting out into the field as much as possible.  For example, Randy and Markus are currently selecting mid-length walks for the Bulge tour, even though the tour will also include quality museums.


Finally, both tours will examine both sides of the combat, taking advantage of Randy’s and Markus’ language skills, cultural training and thorough research.


In September 2018 Randy and Markus offered a six-day small group tour of the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne battlefields.  Their unique tour structure offered a morning “monuments tour” by car and afternoon hikes designed to take participants to lesser known parts of the battlefields.  Here are a few excerpts of feedback from that tour:


“Randy and Markus:  Thank you for a great tour experience.  Well chosen sites, great discussions in the field, great personal experiences – well done all around.  I personally saw part of the Meuse-Argonne region in a completely different light, and so learned a lot.”  John Snow, OK.


“Thanks for the wonderful tours of incredible “fields of mighty memory.”  It’s obvious you really know the battlefields here.  The then and now photos were great!  Your website is a veritable wealth of information on all related topics to WW1 tourism here.  Your sense of humor is appreciated.  Thanks again for a great experience.”  Dave Gaddis, WA.


“… Your organization was cool to enable great flexibility amongst people with a range of interest and great camaraderie resulted.  I learned tons and enjoy getting insight into the on-the-ground research you do.  The detail appeals to me and it fits so well with my own project.”  Andy Mullen, U.K.


Randy and Markus invite you to participate in a wonderful tour experience this fall!  Read the brochures below, contact Randy Gaulke with any questions and then reserve your space today.  Randy can be reached at [email protected].  The Tour flyers are posted below:


Reconstruction and Occupation Tour Flyer Final with Hotels Added

Ardennes Tour Flyer Final with Hotel Info