Then and Now Gallery: A Quarry near Cunel

Quarry by Cunel Then (2)Quarry by Cunel Now 2

Caption:  61st Infantry (5th Div.), munitions and ration detail, getting breakfast in stone quarry from which the Germans were driven by the 5th Division.  Near Cunel, Oct. 29.  The detail on the road above brought this food through.

Location:  The quarry is situated in the Bois de Malaumont on the D123 East of Cunel.  It is on the North side of the road; somewhat East of the point where the woods on the South side of the road drop away from the road.  While it is not far off the road, it is situated in thick brush.

Source of Then Photo:  Forward March, Volume 2, page 374.

Source of Now Photo:  Graham Gaulke