Then and Now Gallery: Madeleine Farm

Madeleine Farm ThenMadeleine Farm Now

Caption:  Madeleine Farm, Captured by the 3rd Division on October 9, 1918.

Location:  On the D15, just north of Nantillois.

Note:  The German cemetery, Nantillois, is located at the edge of the wood (les Ogons on French maps) just a few hundred meters east of the farm.  According to the Volksbund (German War Graves Association), the cemetery was started in March 1916, when the Germans extended the Battle of Verdun to the west bank of the Meuse.  Several hospitals were established at the farm at that time.  Today, the cemetery is the final resting place for 918 soldiers; 888 in individual graves and 30 in a mass grave.

Source of Then Photo:  American Armies and Battlefields in Europe, page 256.

Source of Now Photo:  Webmaster