Then and Now Gallery: Field Hospital at Les Islettes

28th Div Field Hosp Les IslettesIMG_7381

Caption:  28th Division Field Hospital at Les Islettes

Location:  On the rue Jules Bancelin, which is the D603 and the main road through town.

Source of Then Photo:  Pennsylvania in the World War:  An Illustrated History of the Twenty-Eighth Division, Volume II, page 780.

Source of Now Photo:  Graham Gaulke

Note:  The building on the left is the building in which the exposition “Glass in the War” was located.  From the photo, it is not clear whether the hospital was in that building or whether it was in the buildings in the gated yard.  The front building in the gated yard is the Community House (Maison Communale.)  The rear buildings appear to be the primary school.