News and Events–Over There: Valor Tours, Ltd. Western Front Tours, May and August 2015

As part of “The Great War Centennial Tour Series” Valor Tours, Ltd. is leading two tours focusing on the “Battlefields of 14 & 15: the Western Front Takes Shape.”  Tour dates are 2–10 May,  and 15-24 August 2015.

The first tour will focus on the development of the front from Flanders to Paris, the second on the fighting between Paris and Verdun.  However, the last four days of the August trip will also focus on the AEF in 1918; and that includes two days in the Meuse-Argonne.

The tours will be guided by Mike Hanlon (, who has led several group tours to the Western and Italian Fronts over the years. This tour should be a great opportunity for those Americans who want to get a feel for and who want to see vast portions of the Western Front.

Details can be found in the attachment:  ValorCentennial_2015