Update: Webmaster now Offering Tour Services.
From Mid-September to Mid-November 2018 Webmaster Randal Gaulke will be living in France as a freelance guide to the American and Verdun Battlefields of World War 1. For information on his background, his tour philosophy and feedback from his 2017 season, please see the MA Tour and Travel section of the Website.

Also note that he is teaming up with long-time German tour guide, Markus Klauer, to offer a Small Group Battlefield Walk Series from 20-27 September and a Centennial Dinner Meet-and-Greet on Friday, 21 September. Information on both of these offerings can be found in the MA Tour and Travel section.

Feel free to contact Randal via email to discuss your travel needs.

About the Website

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive was the largest independent American offensive against the Imperial German Army during the Great War. It began on 26 September, 1918 less than two weeks after the St. Mihiel Offensive ended. The initial assault involved nine AEF divisions—including four green divisions—on approximately a 30-kilometer-wide front. By war end the battle involved portions of 23 American divisions and 1.2 million U.S. troops (not counting French units); and it produced an estimated 110,000 thousand casualties, or more than 2,300 casualties per day.

On the other side, the Imperial German Army fought tenaciously well into mid October; even as signs of defeat continued to accelerate. This website is dedicated to presenting both sides of that battle. It is also dedicated to helping readers travel to the battlefield to retrace the route of a loved one, regiment, division, etc.

Bon Voyage!