Travel Tips: Overview

Planning a battlefield tour requires several skill sets, including:  Knowledge of the sites and events that the reader wants to explore; some knowledge of the language and culture; and some knowledge of the local area.  The travel tips on this website are designed to give readers the ability to plan a pilgrimage alone or with a small group of like-mined friends, with confidence.  Readers are also encouraged to contact the webmaster to seek advice; and they are encouraged to provide their own feedback and tips after a successful trip.

Broadly speaking, the travel tips in this section have been classified in the following categories – click on the thumbnails to learn more about each one:


Getting Over There and Getting Around Weather, Packing, Laundry and Hygiene Cultural Topics
Getting Over There & Getting Around
Weather, Packing, Laundry & Hygiene
Cultural Topics
Hotels Restaurants Lodging Money Technology
Hotels, Restaurants and Lodging
Money and Credit Cards
 Technology and Other Conveniences
Essential Svcs Cost of Battlefield Trip
Essential Services on the Ground
The Cost of a Battlefield Trip


Readers are also encouraged to look at the “Travel Tips” and “La Vie en France” blogposts in the blog section of the website.


Before starting out, one more general suggestion is useful.  The webmaster strongly agrees with the independent and affordable travel philosophy of Rick Steves.  He has published numerous travel documentaries for public television and travel books, such as Europe Through the Back Door, and he has a website,, that provides plenty of practical tips for the trip planner.


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