Essential Services on the Ground

Essential Svcs

The goal of this section is to build a “master list” of locations, such as ATM machines outside of Verdun.

ATM Machines

  • Clermont—At the Credit Agricole on the N3
  • Dun sur Meuse—At the Credit Agricole on the D998
  • Montfaucon—In the lobby of the Credit Agricole on the town square

Gas Stations

  • Consenvoy—Shell on the Route Nationale running through town
  • Damvillers—Total on the Route de Verdun
  • Dombasle—Total on the N3
  • Dun-sur-Meuse—Garage Doerr on the D946, direction Stenay
  • Montfaucon—Boulangerie Jean Luc Leclerc, 34 rue Raymond Poincairé
  • Stenay—Intermarché Siloria SA, on the Avenue de Verdun
  • Stenay—Total gas station
  • Varennes—Shopi Supermarket on the D946, direction Cheppy
  • As listed in another section, a more comprehensive list of gas stations can be found on  Remember, the Meuse is Department #55.  The website also allows one to compare prices.
  • Most of the webmaster’s European friends purchase gas at the Cora or other retail locations in Verdun.

Grocery Stores

  • Varennes—Shopi Supermarket on the D946, direction Cheppy.
  • Verdun—Cora on the outskirts of town.
  • For lunch, the webmaster has traditionally purchased bread, cold cuts and cheese in the small towns such as Aubreville.  However, many of these local businesses are dying out as more and more shopping is done in Verdun and other large towns.

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