Ardennes 1944: 75th Anniversary “Battle of the Bulge” Tour: 2 – 6 Oct., 2019

Randal Gaulke and German historian, Markus Klauer, are proud to present this small group battlefield tour of one of the most famous battles of WW2.





The War Seemed to be Close to an End, but Then Hitler’s Last Major Offensive on the Western Front Took the Allies by Surprise…

Hitler had decided to put all his eggs in one basket to defeat the Allies with one great push, the operation “Wacht am Rhein.”  Starting on 16 December under terrible weather conditions the German Panzer Divisions broke through the thin American frontlines.  Despite a strong resistance by several American units, the German Army made its way West.  The famous “Kampfgruppe Peiper” advanced under circumstances that became tragic for all.

Soon the German units arrived at the main center of communication in that region, the town of Bastogne.  The grim defense of Bastogne, mainly units from the 101st Airborne Division, became famous and stands now for the strong will of the Allied Commanders and the simple GIs to finally defeat the Third Reich.

On Christmas Eve (24 December) the reconnaissance battalion of the 2nd Panzer Division reached the most western point of the bulge, only some kilometers away from the Meuse River at Dinant.

Already from 22 December on, American counter-attacks on the southern part of the bulge had started to open the way to Bastogne.  Finally on 26 December the first Sherman tank made its way into the town.  At latest from this day on, the German commanders realized that this offensive failed and that further fighting would be senseless.  Nonetheless, the fights continued nearly until the end of January 1945.

Join Randal and Markus on this tour.  As with their WW1 tours, both share a deep love of historical research and a desire to get their clients out of museums and into the field.  Some walks of moderate length will be included.

To learn more about this tour please consult the flyer below:

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