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Introduction:  A German friend once stated, “Der Sieger schriebt die Geschichte.”  (Translation:  The victor writes the history.)  His implication was that, whether intentional or unintentional, most of the post-war battle narratives continue to tell the story of the war from the victor’s standpoint or bias.  In the author’s opinion this appears to be the case.  One can still read of the courageous, but green doughboys taking on the experienced Hun and winning the war (by themselves)—with little consideration of the relative strength of the units involved, the exhaustion of the German army, the offensives undertaken at other points along the front, etc.  This is slowly changing:  There have been an increasing number of books on the German Army published in English in recent years, with many, surprisingly, coming from British authors.  When researching a particular battle or war, there is no real substitute for reading and understanding the literature and source documents of both sides.  However, this bibliography will give readers who do not speak German a basic understanding of the German Army.


Strategy, War-Making, Homefront, etc.

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Zuber, Terence.  The Battle of the Frontiers:  Ardennes 1914.  Gloucestershire:  Tempus Publishing, 2007.


Reference Works

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Biographies and Autobiographies

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Renn, Ludwig.  War.  London:  Martin Secker, 1929.  A Naval & Military Press reprint.



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