32 French Artillery Objectives and Enemy Position Maps

From the Meuse-Argonne, Verdun and St. Mihiel Sectors

Most Dated Early- to Mid-1918





Explore the A.E.F. Western Front of 1918 with this assortment of 32 French Artillery Objectives and Enemy Position maps.  This collection covers much of the Meuse-Argonne, Verdun and St. Mihiel sectors and rear areas; focusing on the German front line trench systems and artillery targets behind the line.  They do show some French trench systems, but the focus is clearly on the German side of the line.  These maps do not show specific units in the line–only the outline of the trenches themselves and the location of suspected artillery targets such as railroad lines, encampments, observation posts, etc.

The dates on the maps range from Oct. 1917 to Sept. 1918; with most of them dated mid-1918–or just a few months before the arrival of the A.E.F.  Thus, they should be fairly representative of the front line at the time the American Expeditionary Forces entered the line.

The scale is 1:20,000 or 1:10,000; which is ideal for battlefield exploring.

This collection includes two formats for each map:  TIFF and JPEG.  Most of the TIFF files have been scanned at 200dpi.

All but three of the maps come from the National Archives collection in College Park, MD.  The remaining three maps are hard copies from Randal Gaulke’s collection.



Note:  These maps will NOT be sold individually.  You must purchase the entire set.  However, feel free to ask for coverage details of specific maps before purchasing.



Specific maps included are:

St. Mihiel C–Artillery Objectives Map–July 1918–1:20,000

Bois le Pretre–Artillery Objectives Map–Aug. 1918–1:20,000

Pont-a-Mousson 1-2–Artillery Objectives Map–10 Oct. 1917–1:20,000

Pont-a-Mousson 3-4–Artillery Objectives Map–10 Oct. 1917–1:20,000

Montblainville–Artillery Objectives Map–30 July 1918–1:10,000

Binarville–Artillery Objectives Map–10 Feb. 1918–1:10,000

Fresnes-en-Woevre (Virgneulles 3)–Artillery Objectives Map–26 Aug. 1918–1:10,000

Longuyon–Artillery Objectives Map–25 July 1918–1:20,000

Etain B–Artillery Objectives Map–25 July 1918–1:20,000

Brandeville–Artillery Objectives Map–16 June 1918–1:20,000

Buzancy–Artillery Objectives Map–8 April 1918–1:20,000

Dun-sur-Meuse–Artillery Objectives Map–12 June 1918–1:20,000

Mort-Mare (Flirey)–Artillery Objectives Map–Aug. 1918–1:20,000

Clermont C (Souilly)–Trench Map–30 May 1918–1:20,000

St. Mihiel A–German Artillery Organisation Map–5 Aug. 1918–1:20,000

Forges–Enemy Position Map–7 Sept. 1918–1:10,000

Ornes–Enemy Position Map–29 Aug. 1918–1:10,000

Ranzieres (Virgneulles 2)–Enemy Position Map–26 Aug. 1918–1:10,000

Samogneux–Enemy Position Map–8 Sept. 1918–1:10,000

Vauquois–Enemy Position Map–4 Sept. 1918–1:10,000

Very–Enemy Position Map–5 June 1918–1:10,000

Haute Chevauchee–Enemy Position Map–7 Sept. 1918–1:10,000

Moiremont–Enemy Position Map–29 July 1918–1:10,000

Verdun B–Artillery Objectives Map–11 July 1918–1:20,000

Etain A–Artillery Objectives Map–24 Aug. 1918–1:20,000

Apremont (St. Mihiel)–Enemy Position Map–21 July 1918–1:10,000

Avocourt–Enemy Position Map–4 Sept. 1918–1:10,000

Bouconville (Montsec)–Enemy Position Map–20 July 1918–1:10,000

Cuisy–Enemy Position Map–8 Sept. 1918–1:10,000

St. Mihiel B–Trench Map–19 Aug. 1918–1:20,000–300dpi scan

Verdun A–Artillery Objectives Map–9 Sept. 1918–1:20,000–300dpi scan

Foret d’Argonne–Artillery Objectives Map–9 Sept. 1918–1:20,000–300dpi scan


Map showing Flirey and Vicinity in the St. Mihiel Salient



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