The Cost of a Battlefield Trip

Cost of Battlefield Trip

As a general rule of thumb, travelers should plan to spend the cost of airfare plus $125 to $150 per day.  This amount includes the following:

Hotel / B&B accommodations
Car rental, insurance, gas
Breakfast (petit dejeuner)
Lunch in the field
Dinner at a nice restaurant
Incidentals such as tolls, museum fees, maps, etc.

  • For those on a tighter budget, the easiest ways to reduce costs include the following:  1) Reduce the number of times dining out for lunch and dinner; 2) Look for ultra cheap hotels such as Formula 1 and Mister bed; and 3) Control the incidental expenditures.
  • Of course, those traveling with spouses, family members and friends might find themselves on the higher end of the cost curve; with guests preferring to stay in the Coq Hardi Hotel (right in downtown Verdun) rather than in a cheaper hotel on the outskirts.

Regardless of one’s budget, the webmaster wishes all readers a bon voyage!

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