Photo Essay: Western Front Association–USA Branch 2007 Tour

The Webmaster had the honor of leading the second half of the Western Front Association–USA Branch’s 2007 Battlefield Tour in the Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel Sectors;  And the memories of this trip came back very vividly when participant Kevin Drake recently shared his photos of the tour.  Readers who travel to France regularly know that the country is both a place of great devastation (during the war) and great beauty.  Kevin has captured this wonderfully and artistically in the pictures below; and the webmaster thanks him for his willingness to share the photos.



KD Apremont Soldatenfriedhof

German Cemetery Apremont


KD Haute Ch...

French Memorial at Haute Chevauchee (Approx. Jump-off line on Sept. 26, 1918)

KD Le petit poilu

Le petit poilu


KD Morolager Wellblechunterstand

Morolager–German Camp


KD Montfaucon Ruins

Ruins of Montfaucon


KD Madaleine Ferme

Madeleine Farm–near Nantillois


KD MA American Cemetery

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne Memorial Day 2007


KD Romagne Memorial Day Souvenir Francais

Souvernir Francais Participating in the Memorial Day Ceremony


KD Romagne Memorial Day at MA Cemetery

Memorial Day Ceremony 2007, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery


KD Sgt. York Site

Sgt. York Site–Approx. Area


KD Randy and Susan Hiking

Hiking to just the right spot


KD Collins Drake at Montsec

St. Mihiel Memorial at Montsec


KD Montsec Group

Group Photo at Montsec Memorial


KD Hattonchatel

View of the Woevre Plain from Hattonchatel


KD St. Mihiel 2

St. Mihiel American Cemetery


KD St. Mihiel 3

Sculpture in the Cemetery


KD Beautiful French Village by River

Picturesque French Town Along Canal


KD Picturesque Rural France

The Beautiful French Countryside


KD Verdun Officers Club

Former French Officers’ Quarters–Verdun; now a new hotel, Les Jardin du Mess


KD Poppy Field

Poppy Field

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