by the Numbers: Thanks for Reading!

This is just a quick note from the Webmaster to thank all of the regular readers–on the web and on Facebook!  It’s been almost two years since the website was re-started (June 2014) its current format.  On a last twelve month basis, the website has received more than 13,000 hits and the number of blog followers currently is 42.  In addition, the Facebook group grew from about 50 members in its first month (May 2015) to more than 177 members today.   And this growth Continue reading →

Then and Now: Varennes-en-Argonne (?)

    Caption:  The above U.S. Army Signal Corps photo serves as the dust jacket cover for Mitchell Yockelson’s recent book:  “Forty-Seven Days:  How Pershing’s Warriors came of age to Defeat the German Army in World War 1.”  The picture is captioned Varennes.  However, the street-scape in the “now” photo does not line up at all with the “then” photo.  Nevertheless, the webmaster is quite certain that the Google earth “now” photo is the right location for three reasons:  1) The angle of the hill and curve Continue reading →

Exploring the Battlefields Through the Years

Clarence to George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life: “Strange, isn’t it?  Each man’s life touches so many other lives.  When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”   In the summer of 2013 the Webmaster celebrated his 50th Birthday with family and friends at the Hotel du Commerce in Aubréville.  For that occasion Randal put together the slide show below (in .pdf format) that outlines many of his trips to the battlefields and many of the resulting friendships.   Birthday Slides–Through the Continue reading →

Mea Culpa Regarding Feedback on this Website

  The webmaster is definitely NOT a computer geek.  While exploring some of the tools on the WordPress toolbar, he came across the Feedback section.  This is different from the comment section.  Apparently, 107 feedback messages have been sent to the webmaster since this website began; and the webmaster was unaware of them; because current settings give no indication of an incoming feedback message. Over the next few weeks the webmaster will try to answer as many of these as possible. Regards, The Webmaster    

New Feature Article: The Greatest Battle Never Told: The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1918

It’s great to see young Americans show an interest in WW1 and in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.  This includes Ben Allen, a Senior at the University of Mary Washington, who chose to write his senior thesis on that battle.  This article introduces Ben and includes a .pdf file of his senior thesis, “The Greatest Battle Never Told:  The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1918.”  A link to the page is given below:

New Feature Article: Photo Essay: Western Front Association–USA Branch 2007 Tour

The webmaster added a new page under the Features / Articles section of the website.  It’s titled “Photo Essay:  Western Front Association–USA Branch 2007 Tour” and it includes a collection of twenty photographs taken by tour participant Kevin Drake.  Readers who travel to France regularly know that the country is both a place of great devastation (during the war) and great beauty.  Kevin has captured this wonderfully and artistically in the pictures included in the photo essay.  A link to the page is given below: Continue reading →

News & Events–Stateside: National WW1 Memorial at Pershing Park Design Competition Update

The WW1 Centennial Commission’s design competition for a National WW1 Memorial at Pershing Park is nearing completion.  The five second-round finalists have given their presentations and the winner will be announced on January 25; a date which coincides with the WW1CC’s tenth Commission Meeting.   Congress authorized this new national-level World War 1 Memorial in D.C.  However, it will be done through an update of Pershing Park, a one-block urban park on Pennsylvania Avenue.  It will not be on or connected to the Mall, as Continue reading →

Books and Movies–a New Years Resolution: Building a 2016 Reading List

First of all, Happy New Year, Bonne Année, and Frohes neues Jahr to all readers of this blog and the Meuse-Argonne Facebook Group!   Spending more time researching and reading up on the Meuse-Argonne is one of the webmaster’s 2016 New Years resolutions.  (Learning French is the other major one.)   Toward that end–and for the benefit of all readers–the webmaster is polling readers to find out their favorite Meuse-Argonne books in the following categories: Overall Battle / Discussion of Strategy / etc. Regimental / Divisional Continue reading →

We Forget Today: The Cost of the War–Lt. Col. Whittlesey, 77th Div., and John Nelson, 1st Div

We forget today just what an impact World War One had on the lives of its participants and their families.  During these Centennial years it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of commemorations and plans to visit the battlefields again.  (The Webmaster just marched in NYC’s Veteran’s Day Parade with a group of WW1 Reenactors.)  Yet every now and then–sometime between Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, perhaps–it’s a fitting time to reflect on the human cost of the war.  Consider the two well-documented cases below; and remember Continue reading → Continue reading →

Newsletter Verdun-Meuse, November 2015

The November 2015 issue of the Newsletter Verdun-Meuse is now available:  Http://  Each issue features a calendar of relevant events (Agenda section), book reviews and several well-researched articles. Readers travelling to France soon should pay special attention to the calendar of events, as it lists special events and expositions offered throughout the region in upcoming weeks and months. Although the newsletter is in French, English speakers can read a passable translation using Google’s translation tool.