Plan Your Day Trip from Paris

WW1 Historian, Battlefield Tourist and Reenactor Randal Gaulke will be living in the Meuse-Argonne region of France from 15 May to 15 November, 2017. If you’re considering a day trip from Paris with a historical theme during that time, why not hire Randal to lead you through the Meuse-Argonne or Verdun battlefields.

Drive time from Paris to the Meuse-Argonne / Verdun is approximately three hours. Alternatively, you can catch an early morning TGV from Paris’ Gare de l’est to the Meuse Gare and arrive in approximately one hour. Your (small) party will be picked up by Randal and shown a variety of sites. In the afternoon Randal will return you to the Meuse Gare, and you can return to Paris in time to soak up some Parisian night life.

Randal can tailor the tour to meet your party’s interest and activity level. You can spend the entire day walking the battlefields; or you can choose a mix that includes museums, cemeteries and memorials.

Since the early 1990s Randal Gaulke has been leading individual, small group and large groups tour of the WW1 American and Verdun battlefields. Let him put his knowledge and skills to work for your party.

Readers can view Randal’s full CV on the Features / Meet the Author page of this website.

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Meuse Argonne Map.

Meuse Argonne Map.


Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne-sous-Montfaucon. Webmaster, 2016.

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne-sous-Montfaucon. Webmaster, 2016.


Recreated Trench at Massiges, France. Webmaster, 2016.

Recreated Trench at Massiges, France. Webmaster, 2016.



Randy has been an invaluable resource to me this year in the planning of my personal journey to the Meuse-Argonne to bring to life the grandfather I never knew.  His website was my initial introduction to his vast knowledge of the history and geography of the area.  His recommendations for books, maps, other websites, and travel insights were tremendously helpful.  We then had a lunch meeting where I shared my ideas about an individual journey; his great awareness and input validated my confidence and respect for him, his commitment to the Meuse-Argonne, and his desire to enable others to experience it as he has for so many years.

With Randy’s help, I was able to “follow in the footsteps” that my grandfather took nearly 100 years ago.  Randy helped me find a guide/driver and accommodations, and provided important information on specific battlefield monuments and sites related to my grandfather’s infantry unit.  His detailed knowledge of the area is essential to anyone planning a trip there.  I am now writing about my grandfather’s military journey, and look forward to joining the tour in June 2017.

-Valerie Young

I’ve known Randy since 1998 when we were on the U.S. Branch Western Front Association’s first battlefield tour. Randy helped organize that. I have made 15 trips to the Great War battlefields in Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Macedonia and Bulgaria. I organized ant attended five trips for the U.S. Branch WFA including the 2007 trip when he was guide for the Meuse Argonne and St. Mihiel.

He knows those battlfields better than anyone I’ve known; and I’ve been there multiple times with good guides. He is friends with locals, speaks French and German, and has great people skills. I highly recommend him!

Paul Guthrie, Director, World War One Historical Association

My German-American grandfather Frank Schindler, who by all accounts was a kind but troubled soul after returning from WW1, fought in France with the AEF 2d Division Regular Army (AEF).  He participated in some of the heaviest and decisive fighting of the war in the battles of St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne.  His war experience and personal decisions post war profoundly shaped our family for what is now approaching 100 years later.

I had been researching my Grandfather for months following the death of my mother one year earlier.  I had the burning desire, and perhaps even the need, to walk in his footsteps so that I could better understand why and how his WW1 experience cascaded so tragically to his descendants.  By happenstance I was to be in Manchester England for business in 2013.  The distance from Manchester to France was only a short one-and -a-half hour flight.  Despite the fact that I only had a few weeks to plan, I decided that I had to seize the opportunity of proximity to visit the battle grounds where my grandfather had fought.  When I began my research to arrange a trip I expected to find many organized tour companies that I could easily join, but that was simply not the case.  I began to reach out to various guides but to no avail.  By serendipity a trail of internet bread crumbs lead me to Randy Gaulke.

Randy and I exchanged a thread of emails which led to several phone conversations.  It was clear from the beginning that Randy possessed incredible knowledge about and passion for the history of the First World War.  I was a total stranger to Randy yet he helped me as if I were family.  Because of his many years of experience with the battlefields Randy was able to guide me to the right people, accommodations, how I should prepare for the trip, resource materials, what I should see and anticipate.  His guidance was invaluable and made my visit the experience of a lifetime.  His name was well known in the area and people really rolled out the red carpet for me based on his personal reputation.  With his assistance I was able to truly maximize my limited time.  I learned so much more about the history of the war and my grandfather than I ever would have known without Randy.

I would like to offer my highest recommendation of Randy Gaulke as you consider a guide to the rich history of World War One.  You simply cannot go wrong.

-Chris Hodde