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Travel Tips: Ignore the Coronavirus Noise and Make Plans to Visit the Battlefields in 2020

Humans tend to be afraid of what they don’t know—and right now it is the coronavirus.  Headlines seem to be incessant:  There are at least six confirmed cases in the USA, all of whom recently visited China.  Cruise ships and airlines are cancelling services.  Chinese officials are extending the Chinese New Year holiday to reduce hopefully slow transmission.  Etc. I would suggest that readers step back, take a breath, and then continue making plans to visit the battlefields in 2020.  Near-term airline bargains could be Continue reading →

La Vie en France #43: Podcast Explores Cultural Differences Between France and USA

https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/12896063/tdest_id/389346 Above is a link to the second “Battles of the First World War Podcast” that the Webmaster has done with Mike Cunha. Together with cross-cultural trainer and author Carol Kieffer, the three participants spend about an hour talking about a wide range of cultural differences between France and the U.S.A. The goal of this podcast is to give potential first-time (or second- or third-time) travelers to France a more pleasant experience, because they will have some idea of what to expect. Together, the three Continue reading →

La Vie en France #11: The Beloved Brocante (Flea Market)

  From around May to September one sees countless signs for brocantes when travelling the battlefields.  These are town-wide flea markets / garage sales; although the Webmaster believes that many non-resident vendors also buy table space.   Each town seems to have one scheduled during the spring / summer; and the dates seem to be selected carefully so that a town does not infringe on its immediate neighbor towns.  Sunday appears to be the most popular day for the brocante.   For the rural French, Continue reading →

News and Events–Over There: The Western Front “Via Sacra” Walk, 22 June – 12 July, 2016

  The “Via Sacra” Walk is a 21-day walk along a large portion of the Western Front beginning on 22 June and ending on 12 July, 2016.  The walk is being organized by a team under the leadership of Sir Anthony Seldon, author of over 30 books on British history and other topics.   “Inspired by the story of an ancestor who was wounded on the Western Front in 1915, Anthony has always been interested in the history of the First World War…  The walk was first described Continue reading →